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Karl's CV

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Some History

Karl Simpson founded Bénézech-Simpson in 1987 shortly after launching Europe's first
biotechnology newsletter. The European Biotechnology Newsletter was published by Biofutur
in Paris. Jean Comar, the owner and founder of Biofutur, gave Karl the inspiration set up a
European biotechnology consulting venture.

Bénézech - Simpson was orignally founded in the United KIngdom. In 1987 Slough, near
London, seemed the logical place to set up a new biotechnology consulting company. Celltech
and Xenova provided good references and the City of London was just 30 minutes away.

Our earliest clients included the European Commission, Leicester University and Oxford
Glycosciences. The newsletter experience proved valuable as Bénézech - Simpson established
contracts to set up a newsletter for the Financial Times and a glossy magazine, Biotech Forum
Europe, for Hüthig Verlag in Germany. We also worked with John Sterling and his team at
Genetic Engineering News which was then located in New York City.

In 1990 we moved to France, setting up the new office in the Rhône Valley south of Lyon. From
the beautiful countryside of the Ardèche we have continued to promote our consulting activity.

In 1992 a contract with the WHO caused us to return to the laboratory bench, securing patents
in the area of viral vaccine thermostabilisation. This work allowed the WHO to aise the goal of a
thermostable oral polio vaccine. That work was later (2001) rewarded with recognition by the
World Technology Award - we were runners up to the prize in the health and medicine section.

Our clients have covered a wide range of companies, government departments, foundations and
international bodies. Work has ranged from supporting corporate start-ups, such as Oxford
Glycosciences, to developing life science investment attraction campaigns for France or the
Province of Ontario, Canada.

Corporate consulting remains our key focus and our experiece has been predominantly in the
areas of biologics (vaccines and monoclonals for example) and genomics (toxicogenomics or
oncogenomics). Our work hs been largely strategic with clients relying on our ability to marry
science, business and government.

Our Staff

There are just two of us; Odile Bénézech and Karl Simpson. On many occasions we have teamed-
up with other consultants to provide the skill base for larger projects. We are especially proud of
our good relations with BioAbility in North Carolina and Etna in the UK. Look at oir LINKS page to
see some more of our partners.

Being small has its advantages. We work quickly with little bureacracy and have NEVER missed a

Odile is French, trilingual in French, Spanish and English. Her academic background was in
economics and Spanish. Karl and Odile worked together at Biofutur n Paris.

Karl is the biotechnology expert, with an academic backgroud in structural molecular biology. He
switched to the biotechnology sector in 1985, working with Jean Comar and odile at Biofutur.

Karl is a lateral thinker and his ability to tie together widely disparate lines of information has
resulted in real benefits for clients. "Out of he box" thinking allows Bénézech - Simpson to take on
and defeat the most intransigent problems confronting our clients.

Click HERE to see Karl's CV.

Our Associates

Bénézech - Simpson teams up with other consultants to tackle larger projects. You will find details of
our Associates in our LINKS section. These are people and companies we are proud to work with.